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St John’s Church Walton

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St John’s Church is a warm and friendly church located close to Walton Hall Gardens in the village of Walton, Warrington, Cheshire.
At St John's we want everyone to experience the love of God and the joy that comes from encountering Jesus.
We are committed to the Bible and aim to give messages that are relevant and helpful for everyone. Our services aim to cater for all needs, whether seeking quiet reflection, traditional worship or more modern family services. We want you to feel you can come along to any of our services and events.
Our family worship is especially geared to all ages and an excellent way to get to know us as a church family. We'd love you to join us.

St John’s Church Walton
Warrington, Cheshire, WA4 6TQ
Vicar: Revd. Anita Raggett

Morning Worship
Sunday 03 July 2022.
To be live-streamed from
St John’s Church
at 10.00am.


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Events & Services 

Sun 3 Jul 2022  Today

Wed 6 Jul 2022  

Sun 10 Jul 2022  

Wed 13 Jul 2022  

Fri 15 Jul 2022  


Notice Sheet

July 2022

Dear Friends, Please find attached the Notice Sheet for July, there are a few printed copies available at the back of church. Anita

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Open Door

Church Magazine

Jun-Jul 2022

From Revd Anita

Dear friends,
This month the country celebrates the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, and we are
celebrating at St John’s too – see the invitation in this issue. The Queen is the
longest reigning monarch in British history. Up until recently she attended
church every week and still did a full week’s work at the age of 96!

It is her commitment to serving God and the nation which stands out in her
life. Even before she became Queen, she made a promise, which she has kept
for over 75 years: ‘I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be
long or short, shall be devoted to your service’ (21st birthday broadcast, 21
April 1947).

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4 weeks ago

Church Audio

From Mothering Sunday 22nd March 2020, we have been livestreaming our services. Initially, this was because only those involved in leading the service were allowed into church. This ministry was therefore intended to target our regular congregation. It soon became clear that we were actually reaching a much wider group of people. There were those who are linked to St John’s who, for various reasons, can’t be in church on a Sunday, and there are people who have no obvious connection to the church, who have found our live-stream, and have appreciated our offering.

While our Sunday live-stream is proving valuable and worthwhile, it was when we offered the live-stream for funerals and weddings that the true value became clear. When we were limited to 30 in church for these services, the live-stream meant that many more could attend virtually. Then there have been many who live far away – even Australia - who would not have been able to attend even if Covid had not been around. The live-stream has meant that so many more people have been able to be part of these important life events.

Having seen the value of live-stream, we feel that it is right to continue to offer this. However, our equipment for doing this is rather Heath-Robinson. We are using computers that do not belong to church and other equipment that is not designed for this purpose. The quality of our live-stream is not as good as it could be and we would like to improve this.

To continue with this ministry, we need to upgrade some of our equipment and acquire other items that will do the job more effectively.

These requirements fall into 3 categories:

We need to upgrade our sound system. The speakers are not designed for the musical demands we are asking of them, an important requirement now that sadly our regular organist has died, and we need the system to feed directly into the live-feed. This is also an opportunity to ensure that the whole church gets sound reinforcement – at present there are many areas where the sound does not carry.

The screen we are using to project the words of the service is blocking the view of the front of the church and is taking up room we would like to use for other purposes. The projector is also in the way and needs to move Keeping you informed   somewhere more suitable. We are proposing a screen that will hide behind the stone roof trusses in the chancel, dropping down only when needed. The projector would be wall mounted and therefore well out of the way.

Finally, we need a camera designed for the purpose of live-feed, together with other equipment that would achieve live feed much more simply and efficiently.

Purchasing this equipment will not be cheap, the total cost will be around £30,000. We hope to access grants from various organisations, but also hope to raise some money ourselves. We are proposing to hold a gift day on Sunday 22nd May and any amount, however small or large will be greatly appreciated. We hope that many people would be prepared to support this and contribute. If you are able to help us, you can contribute via our Facebook page or via the button below

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Church History

© Mike Bailey

The image above shows the North Window in St John's Church

You can dicover more about the history of St John's Church by clicking the button below

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Wellbeing Walkers

Wellbeing Walkers
© St John's Church

The wellbeing walkers are a group of people who walk every Monday at 09.30 for approximately one and a quarter hours.
We enjoy some deep conversations, take in the scenery and usually stop near the reservoir for a few moments of mindfulness and gratitude.
It’s a great way to start the week and is appreciated by us all, even in the rain.
In recent weeks we have been enjoying meeting for coffee after the walk, in the Community Church Hall.
If you are free on Monday morning and would like to join us, please contact Gill Povey-Robins.
We look forward to hearing from you .

Contact Gill here

Charities we support


Church Life


July 2021

Grow@StJohn’s is a newly formed group of volunteers hoping to develop a prayer garden and to make our church graveyard a more environmentally friendly area for both the local community and wildlife.

With advice from Caring for God’s Acre, we are carrying out a survey on the churchyard to indentify the different plant species already growing there. We are aiming to create a meadow grassland which will hopefully contain a rich diversity of plants.

We meet on Wednesdays at 10.45am enjoying coffee and biscuits/cake outside the church.

We would welcome anyone who is interested in joining us. For further information please ring 07970983308.

© St John‘s Church Walton
© St John‘s Church Walton