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St John's Church Walton

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St John’s Church is a warm and friendly church located close to Walton Hall Gardens in the village of Walton, Warrington, Cheshire.
At St John's we want everyone to experience the love of God and the joy that comes from encountering Jesus.
We are committed to the Bible and aim to give messages that are relevant and helpful for everyone. Our services aim to cater for all needs, whether seeking quiet reflection, traditional worship or more modern family services. We want you to feel you can come along to any of our services and events.
Our family worship is especially geared to all ages and an excellent way to get to know us as a church family. We'd love you to join us.

St John's Church Walton
Warrington, Cheshire, WA4 6TQ
Vicar: Revd. Anita Raggett

Sunday Service of
Holy Communion
18th April 2021
Live-streamed from St John's
at 9.30am


Events & Services

Sun 18 Apr 2021  Today

 – Easter 3

Mon 19 Apr 2021  

Tue 20 Apr 2021  

Wed 21 Apr 2021  

Thu 22 Apr 2021  


Newsletter April 2021

Notice Sheet

Apr 2021

St John’s during the Covid-19 outbreak
We are still the parish church in Walton, though what that means in practice looks quite different at the moment. We are praying for our world, our nation and our village community and we are seeking to help in any way we can at this time...

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Posted 1st Apr 2021

Open Door

Church Magazine


From Revd Anita
Dear friends,
All around us there is the hope of spring, blossom, buds and flowers are starting to awaken after the long winter, yet there is still a risk of frost, so we must protect the young, fragile plants, so we whisper that hope. All around us there is hope of Covid restrictions being lifted,...

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Produced by Noelle Briggs
Posted 1st Apr 2021

The Easter Garden

Easter Garden
© St John‘s Church Walton

A poem by Noelle Briggs

Tableau of hope,
the Easter Garden
tells of God’s amazing love,
His awesome power.
Proclaiming Jesus risen,
the empty tomb,
stone rolled aside.
Proclaiming we’re forgiven,
the empty cross,
gateway to peace.
Symbolising life anew
for all who come,
believe, accept,
the bright, enfolded, flowers
above the tomb,
around the cross.
New life which is eternal
but starts while on
this rocky earth.
Tableau of hope,
the Easter Garden
tells of God’s amazing love,
His awesome power.
N. Briggs
31st March/1st April 2021

Easter 3

Risen Christ,
you filled your disciples with boldness and fresh hope:
strengthen us to proclaim your risen life
and fill us with your peace,
to the glory of God the Father.